Cedarglen Equine proudly presents Florido du Plessis


Cedarglen Equine proudly presents Florido du Plessis
French bred Lusitano Stallion.
16 hands, Homozygous black, Veiga Portuguese registered stallion.
By Eminente, Portuguese, bred, by Manuel Tavares Veiga
Out of Quesada, by Emir by Que Ba out of Tolierona

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I don't speak French! Not even Portuguese! A little German and Spanish. Why a Portuguese Horse bred in France??? I did the Warmblood thing, National Awards, showing in Florida, Embryo Transfer, broke 10 babies. Why do I want a little Portuguese Bull Pony, only 16 hands high? Well for one he's smart as a whip- learns what ever I can teach him in a very short time. For another he's as brave as lions- The first time we went for a trail ride, he politely asked to chase (chase!?) about 100 geese into a pond, honking and flapping, for fun!!! And Third he is gentle and kind- I can put any one on him and he takes care of them. No fussing or fooling around- babies to adult beginners, he treats them all with respect. Remember this is a breeding stallion! Oh, by the way he lives in a busy boarding barn with Pony Clubbers, Over-Mounted Adult Ladies, and mares with bad manners, mares that have never been around stallions, and more mares. His behavior is Impeccable! Of course being a Lusitano, he has fabulous lateral work, elegant collection and fall off a log transitions. One expects that in a breed where the prerequisites for the real job are all the movements of Grand Prix Dressage. The real job is subduing Portuguese fighting bulls in the ring. The ultimate cutting contest if you will. But it's the Mind that continues to blow me away. Trail ride today? Okay, smell the roses, look at the birdies, loose rein. Work on changes and pirouettes? Concentrate, try harder and work for the praise. Gallops for fitness and stretch? Dance on our toes with great anticipation to the back field and then, always waiting for the signal, Go, I mean "get outta town!" go, alone or in company, doesn't matter. Then out to the breeding shed and suddenly my nice mellow guy is all business- he knows his job! I don't know about you but this is the horse I have always dreamed of owning; beautiful smart, attentive, kind and full of presence. If you want to breed your own, I offer fresh cooled or frozen semen shipped to the US and Canada (I'll try for other places), excellent motility and count and a live foal guarantee.

I think he has found a hobby. My beautiful Lusitano stallion, Florido du Plessis, who's real job is dressage. We tried polo- it's fun but tame, I should also say we didn't get past the practice stage-chasing the ball and such. He caught on in about 20 min and the rest of the time was spent getting him used to all the different shots. Cake, HoHum. But underneath lurks the soul of a bullfighter, bred in the blood. You might check Youtube for bullfighting on horseback to see what I mean. Then a friend suggested team sorting. Cows? Cows! Worth a try. So we dug out the western tack, hoisted ourselves into the trailer and trundled down to the neighbors arena for a look. In one end of an indoor were 10 steers (good sized 600lb Black Angus ), then 2 panels at both E and B to form little triangles of safety for spectators, and mark the "Cow" end from the "Horse" end. In the horse end were about 25(?) riders and horses, mostly in western gear but a few dressage saddles. All the steers have numbers glued to their backs and the point of the game is to start with 3 for example, and then progressively move 4, then 5 and so onto 9, then 0 thru 2, one at a time, into the horse end where there is a water tank for the steers. The riders work in teams of three and like most western games, the fastest team to get all their cows into the "horse end", IN ORDER, wins! We like going fast! Florido took to the game immediately, by the end of the day he had learned to push the cow I wanted, and true to his nature, hold and dazzle the ones I didnšt want to get through. What I loved seeing was his strong instinct to challenge and confront, but never did I feel insecure, one time he even scooped me up when I lost my balance. I keep offering new challenges and he keeps trying to please and look good doing it I Love this breed!! Cows courtesy of Merwin Krone, , www. BigMuddyRanch .com, facilities courtesy Trophy Hill Sporthorses LLC Photos by ShelleyPaulson.com

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