Cedarglen Equine provides teaching and training services for the adult rider, breeding to Florido, Black Lusitano Stallion, and very selective sales.

A bit of History...

The history of the Lusitano Stallion throughout the ages is filled with stories of the cooperation between horse and rider. Alexander and Bucephalus, El Cid and Babica, and Napoleon and Marengo; All of these stallions formed a bond with their rider, carrying them into battle, caring for them in battle, and in Babica's case, legend has it that the mortally wounded Cid was tied to his back, leading the troops to victory over the amazed Moors as he died.

The Iberian -Lusitano horse was prized by the Greeks, the latter day Romans, and kings in Europe throughout the ages as a war machine, a symbol of office, and for any light infantry, a brave companion-at- arms. Manuel Tavares Veiga, one of the three or four modern day breeders in Portugal, has recovered and reinforced the ancient bloodlines. He has molded them to form the Lusitano bullfighting stallions who display the sheer physical agility and bravery so coveted throughout the ages.

For the past 30 years in France, Monsieur Jean Peigne has bred this fine line of Lusitano Horses, carefully guarding their agility, ridability and courage, and emphasizing the rich black color so coveted by many. The Veiga stallions particularly are gifted with a sensitivity that allows them an almost uncanny ability to anticipate their rider's wishes and with time become an extension of the rider's mind- truly endowing the rider with the qualities of a centaur. On this website you see one of the few examples available in the U.S. for breeding: Florido.

Florido has the controlled strength of the ancient stallions. He has the quick agility of the bullfighter, and perhaps most important, the willingness to bond with his owner and continue to try for that rider even unto death.

Peigne's modern breeding has given him the scope and power needed for dressage, with the soul of a complete gentleman. Florido studies his rider to discover the best way to please, and is clear about his needs with out being rude. This black Lusitano stallion is the sort of horse we all want, sensitive, kind, agile, powerful, and very intelligent. After 45 years of riding this dressage trainer finally owns the black stallion of her dreams, and you can own his offspring! Please see the stallion page for pedigree and breeding information.


Introducing Florido, Black Lusitano Stallion. Imported from France